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Take your daily supplement regimen to the next level with HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™.

This powerful supplement has been clinically shown to increase hair growth, help with weight loss and slow down & reverse the aging process.

Collagen is a special form of amino acid and most people simply don’t get enough of it in their daily diet.

Learn why HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™ is the best form of collagen to start out with and how to use it properly in this guide: ​


​Before we talk about the specifics of HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™ we need to talk about collagen in general.

First of all, collagen is an amazing supplement and represents a supplement that has previously been untapped by most people.

And this is rare, especially in the world of supplements.

But chances are high you’ve probably never heard about collagen or know why it’s so beneficial.

Collagen is basically a protein and its found in high concentrations in your muscles, gastrointestinal tract, skin hair follicles, and nail beds .

What this means for you is that collagen plays a very important role in the integrity and structure of these tissues.

Low levels of collagen cause specific symptoms ranging from leaky gut, hair loss, nail breakage , decreased muscle mass (and weight gain) just to name a few.

So why does supplementing with collagen help so many people?

The real reason is that most people are deficient in collagen and certain amino acids due to their diet!

Unless you are consuming bone broth you are most likely deficient.

Collagen is rich in certain amino acids like proline, glycine and glutamic acid that just aren’t found in our natural diet.

This leads to a deficiency that can cause the symptoms above but also lead to premature aging. ​

We will go over more of the benefits of using collagen below so you can jump ahead if you want to, but let’s spend some time talking about HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™…


In the most basic sense, you can think of HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™ as a form of collagen that is highly absorbable, highly dissolvable and ready-to-mix.

The hydrolyzed process creates proteins and amino acids that are broken down into smaller parts which make this formulation of collagen easy to absorb and easy to add to foods.

It’s also especially helpful for those with gastrointestinal issues or those with low stomach acid.


Because these are the people that will have a hard time absorbing gelatin or capsule forms of collagen!

While the amino acid profile of HYDROLYZED MIRACLE COLLAGEN™ is considered non-essential (meaning your body can create these amino acids from other proteins in the body) that does NOT mean you are getting enough.

The conversion and creation process of these non-essential amino acids requires precursors and enzymes which requires nutrients and low levels of inflammation.

In states of inflammation, hormone imbalance or nutrient deficiency there is a high chance your body is not catalyzing these reactions at 100%.

This means that you will have suboptimal collagen levels even if you consume other proteins (through protein shakes or food sources).

Hopefully, this is making sense and helps you understand why collagen stands to be so beneficial for many people.

Which brings us to the next point…

Weight loss and collagen. ​

Does it help with weight loss?​

As I mentioned previously this supplement is untapped and probably not very well known, but the truth is that it has been shown to help reduce fat mass and increase fat-free mass.

Studies have shown that using collagen for as little as 12 weeks can reduce fat mass in your body by up to 4kg’s and simultaneously increase fat-free mass (muscle mass) by up to 2.5kg’s.

This may not sound like a much until you realize that increasing the muscle mass in your body also increases your metabolism.

Your metabolism (which is dependent upon your muscle mass) is responsible for burning the majority of the calories you burn in a day while simply living, moving, breathing and thinking.

Anything that increases this at baseline works tremendously in your favour if you are interested in weight loss.

Does this mean that you should use collagen as a weight loss tool without changing your diet or adding exercise? No, not at all.

But it does mean that there is another added benefit to using collagen and that is a potential increase in metabolism and a potential drop in fat mass.

What you need to realize is that muscle has a weight and so does fat.

If you lose fat in your body but gain the same amount of muscle, then the scale may not actually go down.

​But that’s ok and you actually WANT this.

When most people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to lose FAT.

And this is exactly how collagen works.

​What’s also interesting is that collagen, because it is a protein, can be combined with exercise for added benefits.

So in this case, the combination of collagen plus strength training may further improve the gains in muscle mass and metabolism.

Studies have again shown that using collagen for 12 weeks increased muscle strength significant, and keep in mind that this study was done in people older than 55 years old .

For weight loss don’t forget to combine this supplement with other supplements that also help with weight loss like alpha lipoic acid, berberine and fish oil.

Why Use CLA For Weight Loss?

CLA has been shown to have several benefits like:

  • Supporting weight loss
  • Aid in reducing body fat
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Assisting in normal blood sugar control
  • Supporting a healthy heart
  • Help with Increasing lean muscle

Probably the most common reason why CLA is now so popular is its ability to reduce fat and aid in weight loss. I’m usually skeptical about things that have these sort of claims, but CLA actually has research to back it up as a potent weight loss helper!

According to a report from The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in 2009, CLA can reduce body fat by affecting energy metabolism, reducing the number and size of fat cells, and speeding up the disintegration of fat cells. Another study compared Conjugated Linoleic Acid with a placebo pill and at the end of 12 weeks, “Body fat, measured using near infrared light, was significantly reduced in the CLA group during the study, but not in the placebo group.”

How to Take CLA

CLA for weight loss - good for you?

You can get natural CLA from your diet. The best sources are grass-fed beef and butter. However, you’d have to eat quite a bit of grass-fed meat and dairy to get the same benefits as you would from a supplement. To put it into perspective, you’d have to consume nearly 4,000 calories of grass-fed meat to get the CLA needed to actually be effective!

My favorite way to get Conjugated Linoleic Acid is by taking it as a supplement, CLA pills! It’s easier and less expensive for me to get what I need to stay lean with a convenient pill rather than eating lots of meat and butter. (Fewer calories too!)

A CLA supplement is a convenient and easy way to get the benefits of CLA. Plus, the CLA in supplements comes from plant sources like safflower oil. The CLA pills are very easy to bring everywhere with you.

You’ll be able to control how much you get and ensure you’re getting it every day. This is important because to really see the benefits of CLA, you have to be consistent with taking it!

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