Miracle Collagen With L-Glutamine 2,000mg™ Combo


Healthy Skin, Bone Strength, Mobility.

Miracle Collagen™ with  L-Glutamine 420g

Healthy Skin, Bone Strength, Mobility.


Manage pain threshold, strengthen connective tissue, improve absorption of collagen, enhance hair skin and nails

Pain-free mobility. Relieve painful bones and joints.

Miracle Collagen L glutamine 420gm

Vitamin 5000mg (250g) with Alkaline Powder (250)
180 capsules MSM 3 months supply

Aimed to provide you with optimum health and mobility, Miracle Collagen™ With L-Glutamine Combo provides a complete solution to strengthen joint, bone and connective tissue. The natural remedy for Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, and treating sore bones and joints.

Take 4 teaspoons of Miracle Collagen Powder daily in your beverage of choice, 1 teaspoon Vitamin C with half a teaspoon Alkaline Powder in a glass of water. Age healthily and ensure your body’s vitality.

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Store in a cool dry place

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