Widely recognized as an essential nutrient for active nutrition, bioactive proteins like Miracle Collagen™ can deliver numerous benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance, protecting connective tissues, supporting healthy joints and helping to reduce the risk of injury.

Expert panels recommend physically active individuals to have a higher protein intake than the general population. For active individuals, 1.4 g/kg up to 2.0 g/kg body weight/day, not only is this safe, but may improve the training and is well adapted to allow recovery after exercise training.

While it is possible for physically active individuals to obtain their daily protein requirements through a varied, regular diet, supplemental protein in various forms can help ensure adequate and qualitative protein intake for athletes.


Collagen Active contains 18 amino acids, the building blocks of our tissues and the primary component of protein. Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline represent around 50% of Collagen Active’s total amino acid content; while arginine is 4 times higher than in a whey protein concentrate. This unique composition allows Collagen Active to offer multiple benefits linked to athletic performance and connective tissue support not found with other protein sources.

During and after long periods of exercise, protein loss can occur in the muscles as their structural integrity is compromised by oxidation, membrane microlesions and inflammatory reactions. A diet with Miracle Collagen™ as a protein source just after exercise may enhance muscle anabolism, replacing lost proteins and helping to maintain and restore the protein content of the muscles while also reducing recovery time.

Oral arginine supplements may also have a beneficial effect on athletic performance, even at a low dose. A daily recommended dose of 10g of Miracle Collagen™ generates almost 1g of arginine per day. A study showed that 1g supplements of arginine and ornithine taken five days per week for five weeks can increase strength. Studies suggest that arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland, which may explain performance improvement.

Exercise often exposes the skin to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or chlorine if swimming in pools. Collagen is the main component of the dermis and maintaining collagen levels is key to keeping skin hydrated and protected against environmental effects. Miracle Collagen™  can support skin health through their regenerative effects, and several clinical studies show that Miracle Collagen moisturizes the skin when taken orally on a daily basis.

Known to be among the most satiating macronutrients, proteins can prevent cravings and help people reach their fitness and weight goals. Miracle Collagen™ is particularly renowned for their ability to help individuals lose or maintain weight when incorporated in weight management formulations.

High protein content, neutral taste and odor Containing more than 97% protein (dry weight basis), Miracle Collagen is neutral in taste, odor and color, allowing for easy incorporation into any product, even at a very high protein content. Due to Miracle Collagen™ ’s excellent organoleptic profile, it can even help offset the bitterness brought by other types of proteins.

Muscular function is dependent on the energy produced by the breakdown of a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in cells. Creatine is a molecule consisting of three amino acids – glycine, arginine and methionine – that can aid muscular contraction during periods of high intensity exercise and also helps to replace depleted ATP levels. Miracle Collagen™ , which consists of 20% glycine and 8% arginine, may support the synthesis of creatine in the body to improve performance during short bursts of exercise and help athletes to increase their body mass.

Protecting Joints
and Connecting Tissues

Sports, such as running and cycling, often involve repetitive, high impact movements that can lead to damage to cartilage, tendons and ligaments and result in excess stress on joints. Research has shown that Collagen Active may help protect the joint matrix and the connective tissues. A study involving 147 sports enthusiasts showed a statistically significant reduction in joint pain among the group that took Collagen Active. Collagen Active can support connective tissues and limit discomfort as well as the risk of any joint related injury, by increasing the production of cartilage matrix, aggrecan and type II collagen.

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