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“Aslm Nooree. Its Chenise Omar I’m not sure if you remember me. My husband Yusuf Omar always place my orders with you guys. I just wanted to let you know that when i went for my Bone Density test and I was so surprised as their has been a generalized improvement in my bone mineralization since my previous examination 2 years ago thanks to the Miracle Collagen. Alghumdulillah there is a 24 percent increase in the bone mineralization of my lumbar spine so I just had to share this gpod news with you. May ALLAH grant your business all the success AMEEN🤲”

Chenise Omar

“Ek se net dankie vader vir die mense wat ek op fb boek gekry het ek het vreeslik pyn gehad in regter skouer vandat hul produk gebruik geen pyn meer nie weer eens kan ek net se dankie”

Poppie van Onselen

““I must say I have also been using collagen for my knees as I run a lot and I believe this was the best thing ever I also do not have any problems with my legs since taking. I felt the relief within the 3rd month. I still take them every night and will continue until I cannot run due to age lol””

Liz Ackerman

“I must say this helps my knee and my pain is gone😁”

Sandy Knevitt

““Miracle Collagen is helping me. No more pain in joints hip. Only have burning feet but otherwise, I am 100% no pain.””

Thora Anderson

““I’ve ordered the combo a while back and the pains I was feeling on my metatarsals is gone. Also referred a colleague whom had a to tonsillitis problem and she’s now a healthy person ever after.””

Thupetchi selolo

““I am using this product. After 2weeks I woke up with no more leg and knee pains. No more leg pains due to cold weather. I used bruffens and cataflam every day, now no more. It’s a good feeling having no pain it works.””

Marie myburgh

““Now that I’m using your products, I’m having less pain. Better movements and most of all my breathing is improving. Thank you very much for wonderful products. It’s working for me.””

Ebrahim Slamat

““I now climb steps better stronger…my knee has pained for thirty years and now no pain after six weeks on collagen.””

Monika de kock

“Back and knee pain completely gone after completing my first order of Miracle Collagen and MSM tablets!””

Carol Fink

““I have knee problems… when I go down I really battle to get up and ever since I’ve been taking this powder and tablets I feel so much better.””

Vonita Laubscher

““I am using this a year and I can really say that is works. So happy with the product.””

Sylvia van de burg

““It works I feel young no more necking too much, I have recommended it to my daughters mother in law.””

Puseletso Polisang

““Gotta say…I started using Collagen powder a week ago and within days noticed a huge difference in my nails. Where before they were always short because they cracked bent were brittle and broke so easily. Now they are longer, Ive managed to get them near to all one length, flexible and don’t break if I touch them on anything.””

Elaine Steenberg

““I’ve tried different products but this one is the best thus far. Of the lot, this is the only one, of those in the shops that I’ve used, that is working for me. Knee problems, gone. Pains in the neck and head gone and I was due for another operation. Thank you Optimum Wellness””

Alvin Isaacs

““This is my number one product. It helped me so much. Now I’m pain-free.Thanx to Optimum Wellness.””

Lungile Luthuli

““This product is really amazing, my mom’s pains have gone away after only 2 days of using the product. Remember we talking about someone who was on the verge of a knee transplant operation.””

Solly Matipwilli

““I notice after 6 days that I’m moving freely and there is no pains.results of scan shows that i have to replacement both knees and both my shoulders are painful.it was difficult to wear clothes ,but know I’m good.””


““After months of suffering with my knee i have start using your product 31/12/16 now 19 days later i feel so so much better. I’ll recommend your products to everyone that gave a similar problem.””

Riha Hann

““It’s wonderful I order my second batch tomorrow thank you Optimum Wellness for mobility. I will keep on using it.””

Alida Flynn

““Awesome product, all of a sudden my nails are long for the 1st time in 3 decades…..good investment!!!””

Sarah Van den berg

““I also thank u my mother called me yesterday from Zimbabwe she was saying that ,she can now walk she was struggling even to stand up or to go to the toilet but now she is fine.””

Marianna Bunya

““Am feeling better now, pain’s are not strong,I think when I finish this combo, I will be permantly healed. At least, I can sleep at night.””

Kekebogile Kele

““I like to thank all the team of optimum wellness for this product miracle collagen; really is helping a lot. I ordered this product in sept coz my mother was feeling unbearable joints pain everyday and she has been at physio many times but nothing helps her and since started using collagen; now she walking properly and no pain. Miracle collagen rock!!!””

Lettie Skosana

““This stuff really works well for me. No pains and aches. I was on 3 H/B tablets. I eventually went on one tablet a day. I’m now on half a tablet a day. Great Stuff.””

Ebrahim Salamat

““At age 57, I had severe pain in my right knee, left hip and left shoulder. After just 2 weeks of taking 4 tspns of Miracle Collagen Powder a day in a glass of water my pain was gone; and in 4 weeks my mobility was back! It really is a Miracle!””

Noori Siddiqui

““NO PAIN and that only after taking this product ONLY AFTER 4 DAYS OF CONSUMPTION. In fact my family are so impressed even they jumped in and started using it and got results. This is a must for joint pain. Believe you me it works!!!””

Ebrahim Salamat

““I used to have back pains on my left shoulder and when I’m going to sleep I had to rub my back every night and also experiencing endless flu symptoms and started to use Miracle Collagen on Wednesday 31/05/2017. On the the 1st of June 2017 the pain is gone. It’s a miracle !!! It is a miracle, I had a problem in my arm ,I took it after 15 days,my arm was recover””

Mboya Maryam

““I had 4 strokes and really its help for my legs !!!!!!Only took it 2x and are much better!!!! Try it !!! It works!!!!!!I have used Collagen 2x now and my legs are 100% better thank you Optimum Wellness it really works!!!!!!I even showed it to my doctor she said that collagen is Very good for you!! She even used it !!!!””

Gerda Kline Smith

““Thanks for a wonderful product I used it for a week and it works for me I could not get off the bed my feet were very cramped and it was much better also did not hurt my knees and believe me you no longer a dukderm problem and no acid in your body not””

Andorette Keyl

““I find your products excellent. I was in pain for a couple of years before I discovered your products. Now I can walk pain free except for a some minimal pain in my hip which is fast getting better. I have severe scoliosis. Thank you ever so much.””

Cecile Cole

“…. Love your products for my Mom who has Rheumatoid arthritis and could not get out of bed.. This past Christmas she cooked for the first time in yrs after just being on the R895. 00 special for 3 wks only.. Thank you Optimum 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖”


““My mum has been on the product since August 2017 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 arthritis of her knee. She is now able to walk without discomfort. She has been on the product for 6 months. ””

Levashnee Naidoo

““My doctor was treating my severe gout and osteoarthritis for 2 years with antibiotics and anti-inflammation meds. But after each course finished the swelling and night time pain will resume. I have never experienced such pain since giving birth. I just feel bad for my late mom and grandmother, who died years ago after almost a lifetime of arthritis and osteoporosis. I was almost crippled by the condition. Spent thousands of rands on remedies that were just not working. I was almost going to have surgery. Now my doctor says the arthritis and gout are gone.””

Maseipati Tsotsotso

““I’ve got osteoporosis, and just couldn’t do simply things like sweeping or popping a floor etc. without ending up with back and hip pain. Have just done all those things and no pain. I’ve been using this for 5 days and I can feel the difference, my pain is easing. Have tried everything before with no results, I’m so grateful. Wonderful to get up in the morning with hardly any pain, look forward to the long term use.””

Alice Elliott

““The way it works Oliver you really don’t need a sample. Just buy it and you won’t regret. I am a living proof that it works. I have been using crutches since 2007 because of chronic Arthritis . I could not stand without being helped and was always in pain. But within two weeks I could walk without the crutches stand up without help and have been pain free for 3 weeks now. People are amazed to see me walking unaided!!!! The benefits people see in me make them want to order it. Some even ask me to order it for them and I tell them to search on Facebook for Optimum Wellness and take it from there. Just Yesterday one old lady from my church was saying she is going to ask me to order for her when she gets her OAP next month!!!””

Mabusana Khuzwayo

““I am a journalist based in Joburg. And us media people we are very skeptical of stuff.. I started taking this combo 3 weeks ago and my left knee joint pain is gone. It was so bad I was due for an operation. It had osteoarthritis and gout in the same place. The swelling and night time pain is gone.””

Maseipati Tsotsotso

““My mum has been on the product since August 2017 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 arthritis of her knee. She is now able to walk without discomfort. She has been on the product for 6 months. ””

Levashnee Naidoo.

““My mom has chronic arthritis and has been using Miracle Collagen for the past 6 months. She is doing very well and can now walk without assistance.””


““I am using Miracle Collagen because I suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis. For months I have not experienced joint pains even during the winter season.””

Mrs Robertson

““The products r really working the Dr said I have severe arthritis when I went to see him last week there was no arthritis anymore n I don’t feel any pains anymore I sleep like a baby thanks to Optimum Wellness.””


“What a wonderful product I used it for two days im pain free I sleep like a baby no more pain from arthritis.””

Sophie Stewart

““I am on your treatment for 2 months no pain or any stiffness. I even take up walking again in the past my right leg and knee did not allow me due to arthritis thanks again for this miracle treatment.””

Mrs Pieter

““This product work day two that I use it. I take the combo. I do not have pain, real miracle . I have degeneration osteoporosis. Were in pain every day.””

Hetty Breytenbach Ferreira

““Hi all I have been using this product since the 14 December and its really been helpful to me. Optimum Wellness, thank you again for this product. It helped with my lower back pain and my arthritis in my knee caps. I sleep better at night and i go out regular as clockwork. I guess I’m gonna have to order another batch for next year. It works for me guys. TRY IT!””

Heidi Cloete

“I’ve been using the complete package for 4 days now, definitely improved mobility, less arthritic pain. I will definitely continue. (I had 2 knee and a hip replacements, 3 back operations and two shoulder repairs,) please try it…””

Cathy Edwards

““Hi Optimum Wellness, today is my 6th day on collagen I must be very honest to you. I’m feeling grate, I even walk much better. My left knee that is in need for a knee replacement is much much better. I can even bend my knee, even though the knee is bone on bone. But my biggest surprise is, in 2013 I broke my back very badly, I was unaware that I had osteoporosis, I have 2 pins in my back with 4 screws that’s glued to the bone from L3 to L5, my left side of my back is cemented. Optimum Wellness I was in constant pain day and night, I don’t have that deep pain, I even stopped the drugs I’m on for pain.””

Daisy Damon

““I’m diabetic n suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. I started on Saturday 18th march. I must say that I’m only having to take pain meds every alternate day n only once per day. Looking forward to the day when I don’t have to take them at all. I also find that I have more energy n my gut feels so much better. So much has changed in my body already. Thanks Optimum Wellness your support is excellent as well which is a rarity in SA.””

Zaida Rayloon

““I got mine from Durban. It is truly wonderful. I’ve got osteoporosis and always had a lot of pain, but since taking this ,hardly have any and my mobility is much better. Really recommend it.””

Alice Elliott

““Hi. Thanks Optimum. I’ve ordered your combo pack last Thursday.I received it today.I suffer from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis for 3years.Today I took miracle collagen as directed.It worked miraculously. Within an HOUR I felt the difference in my knees and calves. You are a life saver.I thought this year I was gonna be disabled by the way my body was stiffening. My movement was limited.Oh!I thank God for giving us hope to live better again through you.May our good Lord bless u.thanks a lot.””

Nasipho Dlamini

““People I am overwhelmed because I’ve got no pain.Since Monday after receiving my Optimum Wellness until today I can do my own work that I could’nt do for the past 5 years. I was diagnosed with rhumathoid arthritis ,but they first thought it was lupus.But thank God it wasnt but iam using the same meds as someone thats having that.Why is because one of ny friends was diagnosed with lupus. I was using chloroquine, prednisones, folic acid, painblock, tramadols etc. After Monday I never touch any meds. Thanks to miracle collagen again thank. I’m very pleased.””

Helia Kock

““A few months ago I bought your collagen and am so thrilled with it. I am walking without any knee pain. I was unable to travel or do any hikes without a cortisone injection, taking anti-inflammatories during the entire hike and then having considerable physio afterwards. I also lived on a well know arthritis supplement. Your collagen is a miracle for me.””

Jenny Reid

““A few years ago I had a neck operation to fix the reason for the pins and needles problem I had in my left arm. I also came to light that the cartridges on the bones are deteriorating and that I would need more operation/s to alleviate the pain in the neck, arm and headaches. Two years ago I had an injection in between the bones in my neck to stop the headaches in the place of an operation. This pain killer last for about 18 months before I have to take another injection.This would eventually end up in me having another operation and there are no guarantee my problem will be fixed permanently.16 months after the first injection the headache slowly came back. I went on my knees and asked God for for help. I asked Him to heal my body and I thanked Him in advance for not letting me go through another operation. I left it at that because I know God will do what He knows best and heal me in His time. Weeks later, about 20 weeks after the injection, with increasing headaches, I read on my fb page about this miracle collagen. At first I was sceptical about things I read on fb because of all the bad things happening these days. After a week or two I sat down, thinking about my request for God to heal me. I then called Optimum Wellness to place an order for one month’s supply. I received my order even before I made payment. Thanks Optimum Wellness for the trust. I started using the Miracle Collagen in January this year. My headache is gone. My neck feels better. Even the pain in my one knee, an old injury, is gone. I climb and go down stairs pain free. Miracle collagen is working for me and I’m convince my whole bone structure is busy healing so I’ll use it for a while still. God answered my prayer. Thanks to all involved.””


““I got injured when I was playing football last 10 years ago, I tried in the hospitals for many years but I have failed to be normal, then I tried optimum wellness, now am better and I can now run fast and I am even pushing the cars due to my work.””

Blessings Mbassa

““Today is my 6th day on collagen I must be very honest to you. I’m feeling great, I even walk much better. My left knee that is in need for a knee replacement is much better. I can even bend my knee, even though the knee is bone on bone. But my biggest surprise is, in 2013 I broke my back very badly, I was unaware that I had osteoporosis, I have 2 pins in my back with 4 screws that’s glued to the bone from L3 to L5, my left side of my back is cemented. I was in constant pain day and night, I don’t have that deep pain, I even stopped the drugs I’m on for pain.””

Laurens Muller

““I am already using this product, I am from Mozambique, I was diagnosed avascular necrosis and had a decompression surgery but after 3 months the pain returned and the doctor suggested the hip replacement but after hearing about this supplement I decided to take it. I feel better and postpone the surgery that was last April, in June I will do x-ray for control.””


““I have been using this product for almost two weeks and it is helping me a lot so far. My pain is not so severe anymore and I could not even walk as I have to undergo hip and knee replacement. I have tried so many medicines but this product so far is the best. Thank you Optimum Wellness!””

Cheryl Otto Swift

““Using this product for 6 weeks now and really feel the difference. Had total hip replacement in 2012 and C3,C4,C5 build up for years ago and feel good even walking 5 kilometres a week.””

Valerie Daniels

““I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now. Thank u guys for this product. I been injured in a vehicle accident in 2005 leaving me a T10 paraplegic over time all my joints have been starting to ache as I’m bound my wrists used to hurt me, my hips burn etc. Since I discovered this product I haven’t had a single joint pain WELL DONE TO MIRACLE COLLAGEN. ””


““Still early days for me. Going for a complete hip replacement on the 30th Jan. Had a complete knee replacement nearly 3 years ago. Guess what this morning l found l could sort of use my leg bad hip side and without so much pain.l really feel good about this product. Thanks a million its beginning to work. Shoulders and feet not so good either do there is plenty work to be done by your SUPER product.””

Elizabeth Pallet

““Excellent product! Multiple fractures of both lower legs. Only thing to have helped!! Virtually pain free. First time in 10 years. Highly recommended!!!””

Jacqui Pastor

““I have used this for 1 month and I really feel a big difference in my recovery from spinal surgery which is only 5 weeks ago and my knees feel a lot better.i just ordered my next 3 months supply today.i thank you very much.””

Naree Singh

““Hi. I injured my joint elbow in the gym earlier this year and I tried so many things to get it right and the pain was killing me. But the miracle collagen just helped me in just 4 weeks.””


““I started optimum wellness product this year, it’s very good no harm guys. I’m supposed to do operation on the 15 feb 2019. I’ve decided to cancel my operation because this product is working. I will never stay without it and also use my medication no problem”.”


““On my 3rd day and I am definitely doing better. I am starting to walk properly. The pain is still in my knee but it is bearable. Watch my progress Dr’s. No operation for this girl!!!””

Matt Boswell

““Well it seems to help and I must admit back up always there for you did get this product for my wife Rhia Riha Hann and the caring phone call and support is great thank you guys.””

Arthur Hann

““After 2 weeks I am sleeping much better and able to do more exercise with not much stiffness afterwards..oh and my nails are looking much better to. Thank you Optimum Wellness.””

Leslie O’Brien

““Good morning. I am impressed with the Miracle Collagen. It really does make joints and all feel better. I am even giving it to my husband who is skeptical about any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor. He moves around easier than before. Only been using 3 days now and it is working already. Will recommend it to others.””


““Really helped me. Much better now.””

Dudu Mbatha

““I’m using the combo and it is relieving a lot of pain.””

Jeanette Lehmann

““Oh I love this product 💯 % it helped me a lot… I took it once and it’s worth it my collagen is finished need to get one. 👌.””

Irene Itumeleng

““This product is amazing . I had knee problems. Well after only one month I have no pain what a differance
Great results. Will keep on using it .””

Anita van Der walt

““I’m a very active person and being in constant pain swollen knee was not fun anymore till a friend told my husband and well i gad nothing to loose. My husband ordered it and i did the detox and was in no time without knowing it on the way to the old me again. I dont regret it at all. IT REALLY WORK EVEN MY BACK PAIN GONE. TWO PROBLEMS SOLVED I CALL IT MY DRUGS, PART OF MY LIFE NOW THANKS TO YOU ALL. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.””

Riha Hann

““3rd day. 2nd day no pain. Can I become your agent in Cape Town!!!””


““I started optimum wellness product this year, it’s very good no harm guys. I’m supposed to do operation on the 15 feb 2019. I’ve decided to cancel my operation because this product is working. I will never stay without it and also use my medication no problem”.”


““Optimum Wellness thank so much I feel much better is day 9 today ur a God send indeed keep on helping others god be with u.””


““Hi. I can finally say that I am pain free. I can walk around the golf course like I did 10 years ago. And I can get out of bed in the morning like a fairy and not an elephant!!! Thank you for letting me know about the Collegen!!!””

Rosine Cronje

““The best — I cant stop telling people about it – really works – I was using pain meds every day. Now perhaps once a week – I was at the point, to stop working, now I see myself working for a few more years.””


““I’ve been taking it for a week – no knee pain and pain from many back operations is almost non existent. Highly recommended…””

Tessa Papadopolis

““I am feeling much better just in 4 days of using this product.Thank you.””

Shwane Esau

““Pains I had all over my body by my joints gone. I’m back to walking normal no longer bent. Believe me it works.””

Elizabeth Vetter

““I had been using this medication for a week now and I am feeling much much better don’t get cramps anymore my lower back pain is no more and I can now sleep straight in bed I will recommend everyone with any bone problems to use miracle collagen.””

Primrose Jacobs

““Awesome product pain in my knee has gone. I have not used pain medication for 2 months and I used pain medication 24/7.””

Debbie Beyleveldt

““This is a very good product! I could bearly walk from my knee and after one week. Wow I can walk without pain.””

Dorothy Landman
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““I have been using this product for some time now, my pain from my left knee is gone and went back to exercising. I highly recommend it.””

Sindy Noko

“Hi Gerrie,

I have received my parcel from Dawn Wing.

Thank you very much. I commend you on excellent service. It is so nice to deal with efficient staff.

Kind regards”

Mrs Beverley Burger

““I ordered for my Mom and the delivery was fast and she has started feeling better as we speak.””

Candy Mthembi

““Yes I’m very happy with the service. I place an order for my mother the first day the second day it was in front of my door. Thank you Optimum Wellness. Good service.””

Rashida Brown

““Ur service guys,is 100% excellent. Uve been sent by God,thnx a million,I’m cleaning my yard nw,woke up @ 5h00,I’m fresh.””


““This a great product. Excellent speedy delivery. I strongly recommend.””

Zulfa sharief

““Guys I salute u your delivery is faster I received mine within 4 says of order n m in limpopo but u make this faster,and your product it’s working thank u so much guys,go ahead and heal the nation wide.””


““Thank you so much for your AMAZING service!!! The package arrived early yesterday! She’s already started using. Would recommend you guys to everyone, even if their problem has nothing to do with your product! Once again, thank you so much!!!”


““I don’t want to start politicking here but I can’t avoid mentioning that perhaps if we had the staff of Optimum Wellness in our municipalities or managing SAA, we would have great service delivery.””


““Wow!!! I received my package and am so happy! But I did not make a payment yet, I was expecting it on Monday only, will make my payment on Vriday, if it’s right with you? Still can’t believe my eyes, you are wonderfullllllll thank you ever so much! Thank you so much wow, you people are amazing and the Product excellent!!! I thank you.””

Hester Schiun